How We Help You Fulfilling Your Aim

RenAlt Energy Infra fulfills all your aim whether it is reducing the energy costs or Cutting Down your Green House Gas (GHG) Emission or Offsetting your Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) target or fulfilling your CSR goal.


RenAlt Energy Infra offers a unique business model for energy consumers in India. We invest 100% on the project and set up a solar project at your company building roof or unused land within the building premises. Through a solar power purchase agreement (PPA), owners of land and buildings can gain the advantages of clean, renewable energy with no up-front capital investment .We. sell the generated power to you at a cost that is less than your cost of grid power throughout the PPA tenure.

Key Benefits of this Model:

1. Electricity at a discounted price.

2. Zero investment from you.

3. Zero hassles: We will manage the approvals, permits, engineering, procurement, construction, operations & maintenance.

4. Zero handling risk: Don't worry about the plant operation and maintenance during the plant life. Pay only for your consumption.

5. Zero Emission: The plant emits zero Green House Gases (GHG).


For customers with high credit scores, the operating lease yields higher project savings than a solar PPA through lower interest rates. RenAlt Energy Infra designs, builds and operates the PV system, and owns the system for several years.

Under this model, the customer pay a minimal upfront cost for the solar power project and then pays an equated installment over several years. Thereafter, the ownership of the solar power plant is transferred to the power consumer at zero cost.

Key Benefits of this Model:

1. No capital expenses during lease term.

2. Lower financing costs than a solar PPA.

3. Option to own at the end of the term.

4. Lease payment may be treated as an operating expenses.

5. Banks can monetize tax benefits and pass through as reduced lease payments.